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16-19 Jan - Cadet Senior Noncommissioned Officer School (SNCOS) - Edwards AFB
23-24 Jan - R/C Plane and Model Rocket Day - El Mirage Dry Lake Bed
01 Feb - (Application Deadline) NRA Youth Education Summit
06-08 Feb - Winter Mountain Training Bivouac - Palomar
07 Feb - USS Midway Tour - San Diego NEW!
13-16 Feb - Cadet Programs Conference - Camp SLO Register Now!
14-15 Feb - Training Leaders of Cadets - Camp San Luis Obispo NEW!
13-15 Mar - Basic Cadet School (BCS) - March ARB Call for Staff -- NEW!
01-08 Jul - CAWG Cadet Encampment - Camp SLO CALL FOR STAFF!


California Airshow Page - NOT a CAP site

Encampment information may be viewed at

Application for cadet activities: CAPF31
Some activities may require submission of additional forms:

CAPF160 - CAP Member Health History Form
CAPF161 - Emergency Information
CAPF162 - CAP Member Physical Exam Form
CAPF163 - Permission for Provision of Minor Cadet Over-The-Counter Medication

16-19 Jan

Senior Noncommissioned Officer School (SNCOS) - Edwards AFB

Participants will get hands-on experience in:
- Dynamic Speaking
- Senior NCO & Officer Responsibilities
- Leadership & Management
- Squadron Level Drill & Ceremonies
- Color Guard & Guidon Protocols
- Physical Training

Cadet Training Officers (CTOs)
Assistant Cadet Training Officers
Cadet Support Staff

Staff Application Deadline: Extended to 10 December 2014
Send Staff Applications to: Maj Robert Bitting at and Maj Christa Cabrera at

STUDENTS: (Prerequisites for SNCOS)
- Between the grades of C/TSgt and C/CMSgt
- Completed Encampment and NCOS
- Display the ability to properly drill a flight
- Utilize a command voice as outlined in accordance with CAPM 36-2203
- Properly wear all CAP uniforms in accordance with CAPM 39-1
- Applicant must bring a hard copy of L2L Volume II and a reference copy of CAPM 39-1 and CAPP 151. Applicants must be familiar with AFMAN 36-2203 and CAPP 52-15.

Student Application Deadline: 27 December 2014

Applicants must be prepared to submit the following:
- Cover letter stating why they wish to attend SNCOS
- Professional Resume
- SIGNED CAPF 31, CAPF 160, CAPF 161
- Full-length photo in JPG/JPEG format, short-sleeve blues uniform w/ribbons (no flight cap)

Cost: $40 includes t-shirt and billeting. Meals not included.
Bring approx. $30 for meals from the dining facility.

Student Applications are now being accepted online at:

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23-24 Jan

R/C Airplane and Model Rocket Day - El Mirage Dry Lake Bed

A full day of flights, launches, adventure and fun! Bring your own, buy, build or borrow!
Instruction available. R/V and car-friendly location with launchers, EZ-ups and 'stuff.'

Bring your own food and drinks for picnicking. Uniform: BDUs or equivalent


Launch location: South center edge of El Mirage Dry Lake Bed. West of Hesperia/Adelanto in the Mojave Desert off Highway 395. Directions available from the project officer.

Bring CAPF31, sack lunch & money for other food


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01 Feb (Application Deadline)

NRA Youth Education Summit (Y.E.S.)
Scholarship/Educational information only - Not a CAP event or CAP sponsored activity

The National Rifle Association is now accepting applications for the 2015 Youth Education Summit. Current high school sophomores and juniors are eligible to apply. Admitted students receive an expense-paid week in the Washington, DC area with the chance to earn $30,000 in college scholarships. The summit offers a unique opportunity to learn more about American history, government and the NRA while making friends with other students from all over the country. Don’t miss out on the experience of a lifetime!

Since the program’s inception in 1996, more than 700 students have graduated from Y.E.S. and over $400,000 in scholarships has been awarded. Entry into the program requires submission of a completed application form, high school transcript, three-page essay on the Second Amendment, one-page personal statement, and three letters of recommendation. Application deadline - 01 Feb 2015

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06-08 Feb

Winter Mountain Training Bivouac - Observatory Campground, Palomar Mountain

Hosted By Squadron 144/Group 8

Time for the Squadron 144 / Group 8 Annual Winter Mountain Bivouac!  We have an outstanding Winter Mountain Bivouac planned for Palomar Mountain on 6-8 February, 2015!  We are expecting major weather this year so BE PREPARED for a RUGGED winter adventure.

               Check in:  16:00 - 19:00 Friday 6 Feb 2015
               Dismissal:  12:00 Sunday 8 Feb 2015

Where:    Observatory Campground, Palomar Mountain, California (same as last year)

Cost:        $35.00 / Person

Cadet Staff applications are now being accepted.

Cadet Staff Positions Available:
            Cadet Commander
            Cadet Deputy Commander
            4 Cadet Team Leaders
            Cadet Safety Officer
            Cadet Mess and Logistics Officer

Send cover letter and resume with your CAPF 31, 160, and 161 to Maj Ross E. Veta at:  ross.vetalaw@gmail.comn

Cadet Staff Application Deadline:  16 Jan 2015

Curriculum includes a Basic Course AND an Advanced Course. The Advanced Course will introduce students to more rugged conditions, navigation, remote sortie skills, and direction finding.  Applicants to the Advanced Course must be at least a GTM 3, or have attended at least 2 prior training Bivouacs AND pass an interview and equipment inspection.

HOW TO REGISTER as a student:


Step 1.    Email CAPF 31, 160, and 161 to Maj Dennis Ammann at:   Be sure this initial submittal has at least a parent or guardian signature. STATE IF YOU WISH TO APPLY TO THE ADVANCED COURSE IN THE EMAIL

Step 2.    Receive acceptance package (includes packing list and instructions on mailing signed CAPF 31, 160, 161 and payment).

Step 3.    Mail FULLY SIGNED (Squadron Commander included) CAP forms with $35.00 payment made payable to:  Civil Air Patrol; mail to:

    Maj Dennis Ammann, CAP
    6363 Beadnell Way, #223
    San Diego, CA  92117


We are also seeking SENIOR MEMBER participants to assist as FTO's (Flight Training Officers).

It's time to get prepared! This is going to be a fantastic event with new curriculum and experiences!  Don't miss it!

Ross E. Veta, Maj, CAP
Bivouac Project Officer
Squadron Commander
San Diego Cadet Squadron 144
(o)  858-672-7677
(c)  858-945-1754

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07 Feb

USS Midway Tour - San Diego
Sponsored by Inland Empire Group 3

Time: 0745-1700 hrs

This is a visit to the beloved USS Midway in beautiful San Diego. The trip is available to all squadrons in the Southern California area and is for CAP Cadets and Senior Members, and their families within the organization.

All attendees must use provided bus transportation unless special arrangements with the project officer are made in advance.

Cost: $45 per person w/lunch or $32 per person without lunch

A pre-registration system is being be used for this event and must be done through the Group 3 website. Payments will be received and handled through the site’s PayPal account. A confirmation will be sent back to you for boarding the bus. The registration link is:

No Ticket = No Go

Deadline is Tuesday 03 Feb 2015.  There will be three bus pickup locations. Special arrangements must be approved by the officer in charge.

Bus Pick Up Locations:

Sam’s Club @ 0745 hrs
Off the 10 Fwy & Tippecanoe
1055 Harriman Pl.
San Bernardino CA, 92408

Best Buy @ 0815 hrs
1650 2nd St
Beaumont, CA 92223

Squadron 59 HQ @ 0900 hrs
4710-B Stetson Ave
Hemet CA, 92545

Contact: Major Michael Yamada @ with any questions.

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13-16 Feb

Cadet Programs Conference (CPC) - Camp San Luis Obispo

Don't miss the most fun and exciting cadet activity in the wing! The Seminars, General Assembly and Activity Fair productions will be bigger, better, and more extravagant than ever! Meet old friends and make new ones! Whether you joined CAP yesterday or you are a seasoned member, don't miss this! Apply TODAY!

Registration Now Open!

To register, please visit
Registration Deadline: 01 February 2015

Do not register until you have a signed and completed Form 31 ready.
Expect after registration additional instructions on how to select seminars and your bed assignment. 

If you have any questions, please contact me directly at  
You may also contact the project officer, Maj Ken Sturgill at 

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13-16 Feb

Training Leaders of Cadets (TLC) - Camp San Luis Obispo

Training Leaders of Cadets (TLC) is a course for adult officers interested in enhancing knowledge and skills in Cadet Program’s leadership and management, particularly Cadet Programs (CP) Specialty Track seniors desiring to complete their Senior level rating. Participants must have completed Level 1 and be safety current. Cadets are not allowed as participants.

Course Content:
- A Strategic Overview of the Cadet Program
- Core Values: Guiding Seniors, Developing Cadets
- Cadet Program Administration
- Adolescent Development
- Leading Indirectly
- Managing a Cadet/Senior Team
- Great Activities
- Partnering with Parents
- Positive Approaches Toward Legal Responsibilities
- Practicum: "Virtual Cadet Squadron"

Cost: $0 (Included in cost of attending CPC)

Classes start: after general assembly on Saturday
Application Deadline: 6 Feb 2015
Uniform of the Day: Service Dress Uniform (Class A), Blue Service Uniform (Class B), Corporate Service Dress Uniform, Aviator Shirt Uniform or Corporate Working Uniform (no BDU's, flight duty or field uniforms allowed)
Note: Must meet grooming standards for wear of USAF-style Uniform - IAW CAPM 39-1

Because this training is being hosted during the Cadet Programs Conference, all participants are required to register and pay for CPC prior to taking this class. There will be no drop-in's.
Registration and payment for CPC will cover all costs of meals and lodging along with the banquet Sunday night.

For more information contact: Maj Jon Domke at (209) 834-6663 or email

1) Register for CPC at Deadline is 1 Feb 2015.
2) Register for TLC at from here you will upload your email confirmation from CPC that you are registered.

Confirmation: You will receive a confirmation email acknowledging your enrollment. CPC directions and site information will be disseminated through them.

Interested instructors are asked to contact Maj Domke for availability.

Maj Jon Domke, CAP
Group 6 Cadet Programs Officer
TLC Course Director

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13-15 Mar

Basic Cadet School (BCS) - March ARB
Hosted by Inland Empire Group 3
Part of the California Wing Integrated Leadership Program

Call for Cadet Staff Applications:

Cadet Officer Positions (Must be a Phase 3 or 4 Cadet to apply):

Cadet Commander (C/Capt or above HIGHLY DESIRED)
Asst. Director of Training (C/Capt or above REQUIRED)
Cadet Executive Officer
Cadet Flight Commander
Support Staff Officers (Admin, Logistics, PAO, Mess)
Cadet Instructors

Cadet NCO Positions:

Cadet First Sergeant
Cadet Flight Sergeant
Cadet Support NCO’s (Admin, Logistics, PAO, Mess)

How to apply:  Please e-mail a cover letter and resume to:


Attention Senior Members:  We need your help!

Flight Training Officers
Support Staff (Admin, Logistics, Medical, Mess)

Please e-mail:

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01-08 Jul

CAWG Cadet Encampment - Camp San Luis Obispo

Encampment Executive Cadre Positions

On behalf of the Encampment Commander, I am pleased to announce that applications are now being accepted for the 2015 California Wing Encampment Executive Cadre positions.  Available positions include:

- Commander, The Cadet Training Group (CTG)
- Deputy Commander, CTG
- Executive Officer, CTG
- Superintendent, CTG
- Commander, Cadet Training Squadron (CTS)

Additionally, we are also accepting applications for the following group level support staff positions:

- Cadet Safety Officer

Please see the attached memorandum for the official announcement.

Visit for the application link!  As part of the application process you will be asked to submit a cover letter and resume, these should be ready to upload prior to beginning the application.

The deadline for submitted applications is: 2359hrs, Sunday, January 25th 2015.  There will be ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS!

Please contact the Commandant of Cadets at should you have any questions.

Best of luck to all applicants!

Commandant of Cadets
2015 CAWG Encampment

Senior Staff Positions

On behalf of the Encampment Commander and Commandant of Cadets, Senior Member positions for the 2015 Encampment are being accepted.
*Encampment will occur during 1-8 July at Camp San Luis Obispo (SLO)
*Pre-Encampment for staff begins Sunday, June 28th
*Please note this is the 40th anniversary of the Cadet Training Group (CTG). A reunion will take place on 8-9 July at Camp SLO (Information to come)

Encampment is the largest activity within the Cadet Program; to ensure the consistency of the training and the well-being of the participants we need YOUR help. Part-time positions are also available.
Available positions include:
-Senior Training Officers
-Training Officers
-Assistant Training Officers
-Support Staff Positions (i.e., transportation, cooking/mess, administration)
Please read the descriptions carefully before applying as some positions require prerequisites.

Senior Training Officer
Senior Training Officer (STO), formally referred to as Squadron TO, positions for the 2015 Encampment are now open.
STOs mentor and guide the Cadet Training Squadron (CTS) Commander and First Sergeant. He/she also mentors and guides the Training Officers (TOs) and Assistant TOs within that CTS. The STO serves as a communication channel between the Chief Training Officer (CTO) and TOs of the flights. The number of CTSs is dependent on the number of qualified cadet cadre & student applicants (usually 3-4).

Examples of responsibilities PRIOR to encampment:
-Participate in Cadre Selection Exercise (CSX) 15-17 May 2015 at Camp SLO
-Attend the Executive Cadre Retreats (ECR) in May & June (attendance is not required, but highly encouraged)
-Observer on CTS conference calls
-Providing feedback on CTS documents sent to cadet staff

Examples of responsibilities DURING encampment:
-Ensuring the CAWGOI 52-16-1, Encampment Training Manual (ETM), is properly implemented
-Health & well-being of all members within the CTS
-Coordinate proper supervision of Flights at times, including PT
-Attend daily Squadron Training Meetings (STM)
-Facilitate daily TO briefings as needed
Note: STOs will also teach a class at Pre-encampment to the senior staff.

Applications for STO positions are accepted via

Applications for STO positions end 8 Feb 15
-Title and short description of a topic you feel should be taught at Pre-encampment to the Senior Training Staff
-General encampment experience
Prerequisites: Former TO experience required

Training Officers for Flights
Training Officer (TO), formally referred to as Flight TO, positions for the 2015 Encampment are now open.
TOs mentor and guide the Cadet Flight Commander and Flight Sergeant. He/she also mentors and guides the Assistant Training Officers (TOs) assigned to the Flight. The number of Flights is dependent on the number of qualified cadet cadre & student applicants (approximately 12).

Examples of responsibilities DURING encampment:
-Ensuring the CAWGOI 52-16-1, Encampment Training Manual (ETM), is properly implemented
-Health & well-being of all members within the Flight
-Training and guidance of the flight cadre
-Provides proper supervision of Flight at times, including PT

Applications for TO positions will be accepted via

Applications for TO positions are open until 31 MAY:
-Dates available (if not full-time)
-General encampment experience
Prerequisites: Former TO/Assistant TO/
or equivalent staff experience required

Assistant Training Officers for Flights
Assistant TOs- No prior encampment experience required. The Assistant TO position is a valuable training opportunity to introduce new members to the cadet program and encampment.

Examples of responsibilities DURING encampment:
-Assists the TO in the safety, health, and well-being of all members within the Flight
-Assists the TO with the training and guidance of the flight cadre

Applications for Assistant TO positions will be accepted via

Applications for Assistant TO positions are open until 31 MAY:
-If this will be your FIRST encampment, attach a recent Resume
-Previous encampment experience (if applicable, not required)
-Dates available (if not full-time)
Perquisites: Current CAP membership, CPPT, and Safety
Uniforms: BDUs, Blues, Corporate

Thank you for your interest & support of Encampment 2015
Any inquiries or questions regarding Training Officer positions not outlined in the above descriptions should be directed to:
Christa Cabrera, Maj, CAP
Chief Training Officer
2015 CAWG Encampment

Additional Senior Support is needed in the areas of transportation, cooking/mess, and administration. For more information contact:

Jim Jenkins, LtCol, CAP
Deputy Commander
2015 CAWG Encampment

Latest encampment information is posted at

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If you're applying to attend any CAP activities, please be sure you're using a CAPF31

Checks for CAWG activities should be made payable to "Civil Air Patrol."

Unless otherwise noted, all applications are to be mailed to:
California Wing Cadet Programs
<Name of Activity>

PO BOX 7688
Van Nuys CA 91409-7688