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26-31 Dec - Oregon Wing Cadet Encampment - Monmouth, Oregon
9-11 Jan 2015 - Cable Air Faire - Upland Staff Deadline Extended!
9-11 Jan 2015 - Academy of Model Aeronautics Expo - Ontario NEW!
23-24 Jan - R/C Plane and Model Rocket Day - El Mirage Dry Lake Bed NEW!
16-19 Jan 2015 - Cadet Noncommissioned Officer School (SNCOS) - Edwards AFB NEW!
01 Feb 2015 - (Application Deadline) NRA Youth Education Summit NEW!
13-16 Feb 2015 - Cadet Programs Conference - Camp SLO
1-8 Jul 2015 - CAWG Cadet Encampment - Camp SLO SAVE THE DATE!


California Airshow Page - NOT a CAP site

Encampment information may be viewed at

Application for cadet activities: CAPF31
Some activities may require submission of additional forms:

CAPF160 - CAP Member Health History Form
CAPF161 - Emergency Information
CAPF162 - CAP Member Physical Exam Form
CAPF163 - Permission for Provision of Minor Cadet Over-The-Counter Medication

26-31 Dec

ORWG Cadet Encampment
Call for Staff

Cadet and senior staff pre-registrations are now being accepted for the 2014 Oregon Wing Winter Eagle Encampment being held at the National Guard Military Academy at the University of Western Oregon in Monmouth, Oregon. It is about 15 miles west of Salem, Oregon.
Cost should be around $125.00 for staff and basics. Senior staff will only pay for room and board, should be around $50.00.

Staff pre-registrations are to include your name, grade, CAPID, Wing/Unit and a short resume to include you CAP leadership experience, your first and second choices of positions that you wish to be assigned and why you would be the best choice to hold that post.

We recommend that you submit your pre-registration as soon as possible as promptness and order of receipt does add bonus points in the selection process.The first preliminary staff roster will be released on 01 October 2014. Please do not send CAPF 31 or payments in at this time. 

CAWG Note: All CAPF31's for activities outside CAWG must be approved by your unit commander and the CAWG commander. CAPF31's must be submitted to Lt Col Dave Goude, CAWG Director of Cadet Programs, at for approval. Please speak with your unit commander before pre-registering for this activity.

Shortly, we will have a website up and as of now, please send your pre-registration to or to the address below:

ORWG Encampment 
P.O. Box 853
McMinnville, OR 97128

Please review the new Cadet Encampment Guide CAPP 52-24  for the new curriculum and detailed descriptions of encampment staff duty position responsibilities.

The available cadet staff positions are below:
-Squadron Commanders
-Flight Commanders
-First Sergeants
-Flight Sergeants
-Logistics C/OIC
-Logistics Personnel
-Public Affairs C/OIC
-Public Affairs Personnel
-DFAC* Personnel
-Stan Eval C/OIC
-Stan Eval Personnel
-Admin C/OIC
-Admin assistants

The available senior staff positions are below:
-Deputy Encampment Commander
-Safety Officer
-Protocol Officer
-Commandant of Cadets
-Chief Training Officer
-Training Officers (TAC)
-Logistics Officer
-Personnel Officer
-Public Affairs Officer
-DFAC* Senior Personnel
-Admin Officer
-Medical Officer
-Stan Eval/Testing Officer

* DFAC = Dining Facility

Note: Many one day instructor positions are needed. You do not need to be on staff for the full duration of the encampment to be a great help as a member of the part time staff!

William Ray, Major, CAP
ORWG Director of Cadet Programs
(503) 453-5833

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09-11 Jan 2015

Cable Air Faire - Upland

Featuring airplane rides and flying demonstrations. Also featuring Radio Control aircraft flights, a classic car show, and displays of warbirds, vintage, antique, and homebuilt aircraft. Cable Air Faire 2015 celebrates its 40th annual event as it acknowledges cable’s airport 70th anniversary. Come join us to celebrate this special event!

When: 9-11 January 
Staff Arrive: 9 Jan at 1630
Arrive: 9 January at 1830 
Depart: 11 January at 1600 
(Cadets, please eat prior to arrival Friday night) 

Where: Cable Airport, Upland, CA 
Squadron 25 
Cost: $ Free 

What to bring: Signed F31 (complete with Form[s] 160’s), 
Sleeping bag and toiletries 
Web belt w/canteen 
Extra spending money 

Cadet Staff
Application Deadline extended to Saturday, 13 December 2014

Please send a resume and cover letter to the Project Officer and Cadet Commander at the below email. 

Available Positions: 
        C/Operations Section Chief  (1) 
        C/Logistics Section Chief   (1)    
        C/Division Supervisor     (3) 
        C/Task Force Leader     (6-9) 
        C/FAST Leader (1) 
        C/Base Manager (1) 
        C/Admin  (1) 
        C/Communications Unit Leader (1) 
        C/Incident Dispatchers   (2) 
        C/Logistics Unit Leader (1) 
        C/Logistics  (2) 

Project Officer: Major Frank San Pedro,
Cadet Commander: C/Capt. Dylan Keetle,

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9-11 Jan 2015

Academy of Model Aeronautics Expo - Ontario
Not a CAP-sponsored event.

Hundreds of exhibitors, aviation, and aerospace experts will greet thousands of attendees. The Expo offers the latest products in radio-controlled model aviation, demonstrations, interactive displays, and exploration of the intricacies of flying model airplanes, helicopters, rockets, gliders, and more.

  • Indoor Flying Demo Area
  • Make and Take Rockets and Airplanes

Special thanks to the Black Sheep Squadron and Southern California Rocketry Association

Civil Air Patrol Cadets get in free

One Day Pass  $13 AMA & EAA Members/$15 Non-member
Two Day Pass  $24 AMA & EAA Members/$28 Non-member
Three Day Pass $33 AMA & EAA Members/$36 Non-member
Youth Pass (13-18 years)  $5 per person - includes FREE AMA/EAA Membership

Ages 12 and under are Free
Active military with ID, Civil Air Patrol Cadets, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Sea Cadets, etc., enter for free

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16-19 Jan 2015

Senior Noncommissioned Officer School (SNCOS) - Edwards AFB

Participants will get hands on experience in:
-­ Dynamic Speaking
-­ Senior NCO & Officer Responsibilities
-­ Leadership & Management
-- Squadron Level Drill & Ceremonies
-­ Color Guard & Guidon Protocols
-­ Physical Training

Cadet Training Officers (CTOs)
Assistant Cadet Training Officers
Cadet Support Staff

Staff Application Deadline: Extended to 10 December 2014
Send Staff Applications to: Major Robert Bitting at and Major Christa Cabrera at

STUDENTS: (Prerequisites for SNCOS)
-­ Between the grades of C/TSgt and C/CMSgt
-­ Completed Encampment and NCOS
-­ Display the ability to properly drill a flight
-¬≠ Utilize a command voice as outlined in accordance with CAPM 36-2203
-¬≠ Properly wear all CAP uniforms in accordance with CAPM 39-1
-¬≠ Applicant must bring a hard copy of L2L Volume II and a reference copy of CAPM 39-1 and CAPP 151. Applicants must be familiar with AFMAN 36-2203 and CAPP 52-15.

Student Application Deadline: 27 December 2014

Applicants must be prepared to submit the following:
-¬≠ Cover letter stating why they wish to attend SNCOS
-­ Professional Resumé
-¬≠ SIGNED CAPF 31, CAPF 160, CAPF 161
-¬≠ Full¬≠length photo (JPEG format) short-¬≠sleeve blues uniform w/ribbons, no flight cap

Cost: $40 includes t¬≠shirt and billeting. Meals not included.
Bring approx. $30 for meals from the dining facility.

Student Applications are now being accepted online at:

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23-24 Jan 2015

R/C Airplane and Model Rocket Day - El Mirage Dry Lake Bed

A full day of flights, launches, adventure and fun! Bring your own, buy, build or borrow!
Instruction available. R/V and car-friendly location with launchers, EZ-ups and 'stuff.'

Bring your own food and drinks for picnicking. Uniform: BDUs or equivalent


Launch location: South center edge of El Mirage Dry Lake Bed. West of Hespiria/Adelanto in the Mojave Desert off Highway 395. Directions available from the project officer.

Bring CAPF31, sack lunch & money for other food


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01 Feb 2015 (Application Deadline)

NRA Youth Education Summit (Y.E.S.)
Scholarship/Educational information only - Not a CAP event or CAP sponsored activity

The National Rifle Association is now accepting applications for the 2015 Youth Education Summit. Current high school sophomores and juniors are eligible to apply. Admitted students receive an expense-paid week in the Washington, DC area with the chance to earn $30,000 in college scholarships. The summit offers a unique opportunity to learn more about American history, government and the NRA while making friends with other students from all over the country. Don’t miss out on the experience of a lifetime!
Since the program’s inception in 1996,¬†more than¬†700 students have graduated from Y.E.S. and over¬†$400,000 in scholarships has been awarded. Entry into the program requires submission of a completed application form, high school transcript, three-page essay on the Second Amendment, one-page personal statement, and three letters of recommendation. Application deadline - 01 Feb 2015¬†

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13-16 Feb 2015

Cadet Programs Conference (CPC) - Camp San Luis Obispo

Call For Staff!
Each year it keeps getting better and better!

Applications for staff are now being accepted:

Cadet Staff: - Resume and Cover letter due no later than Friday, 10 October 2014 ‚Äď email to Maj Sturgill ‚Äď

Cadet Staff Positions
Cadet Commander General Assemblies / Activities Fair
Cadet Deputy Commander / XO Seminar Coordinator
Recon (all positions) Seminar Instructor(s)
Banquet Planning Mess (Dining Hall) Staff
Senior Staff Position
(note; key positions have been filled but we are looking for assistants in each role to build succession)
Assistant Admin / Finance Assistant Recon
Assistant Banquet Coordinator General Assemblies / Activities Fair
Assistant Seminar Coordinator NRA Course Director
Seminar Instructor(s) NRA Course Instructors
Assistant Transportation Manager Mess (Dining Hall) Staff

Cadets and Seniors alike, this is an outstanding opportunity to be part of one of the largest CAWG activities in a very open and supportive environment. Ready to stretch your leadership wings? This is your opportunity.

All Inquiries/questions should be directed to:

Ken Sturgill, Maj, CAP

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1-8 Jul 2015

CAWG Cadet Encampment - Camp San Luis Obispo

Save the Date!

Latest encampment information will be posted at

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If you're applying to attend any CAP activities, please be sure you're using a CAPF31

Checks for CAWG activities should be made payable to "Civil Air Patrol."

Unless otherwise noted, all applications are to be mailed to:
California Wing Cadet Programs
<Name of Activity>

PO BOX 7688
Van Nuys CA 91409-7688