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The Yahoo cawgcadets Group is used to distribute information only and not as a discussion group. All cadets and senior members are invited to join. =====================================================================

At a Glance - (click on the link to go to that activity)

11-13 Apr - Drill and Ceremonies School (DCS) - Los Alamitos - POSTPONED
11-13 Apr - Model Rocketry Weekend - Petaluma
2-4 May - Chino Air Show - Chino Airport
3-4 May - Thunder Over Solano - Travis AFB
3-4 May - DRE/SAREX - Oakland Airport
16-18 May - Encampment SSX - Camp San Luis Obispo NEW
23-26 May - SNCOS - Vandenberg AFB NEW
13-15 Jun - ROCstock XXXIX - Lucerne Dry Lake Bed
2-9 Jul - CAWG Cadet Encampment - Camp San Luis Obispo
25-27 Jul - NCOS - (Central CA, Location TBA) NEW
8-10 Aug - Ultimate Bear and Wings Challenge - Vandenberg AFB


California Airshow Page - NOT a CAP site

2014 Encampment information may be viewed at

Effective 01 October 2013, the CAWGF150
(CAWG Application for CAP Activity) was phased out. The only activity form approved by CAWG and National Headquarters is now the CAPF31.

31 Oct 13

Some activities may require submission of additional forms:
CAPF160 - CAP Member Health History Form
CAPF161 - Emergency Information
CAPF162 - CAP Member Physical Exam Form
CAPF163 - Permission for Provision of Minor Cadet Over-The-Counter Medication

Goodbye CAWG Form 150, it's been a great ten years!

11-13 Apr

Drill and Ceremonies School (DCS) - Los Alamitos
Senior Member DCS

POSTPONED - New dates to be announced.

All checks will be returned. Questions: Contact Lt Col Grace Edinboro at

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11-13 Apr

Model Rocketry Weekend - Petaluma
Hosted by Redwood Empire Composite Squadron 157, Group 5

Build and fly model rockets during this great weekend of fun and rocket engines!
All rockets will be launched from a site on the base.

Tracen Coast Guard Base
599 Tomales Rd
Petaluma, CA 94952

Participants: Email completed CAPF31, CAPF160 and CAPF161 to Major Anthony Hamill at

Cadet staff: Email completed CAPF31, CAPF160 and CAPF161 to C/2dLt Nick Kebodeaux at

Cost: $85. Includes rockets, engines and meals
Billeting: Tents on cots
Application deadline: Postmarked by 15 Mar 14. A commitment check of $25.00 must be mailed to:
Major Anthony Hamill, CAP
1748 Arroyo Sierra Ave
Santa Rosa, California 95405-7707
Please include your cadet's email address. An acceptance packet and equipment list will be emailed.

Additional instructors are needed for classes. Please contact the Project Officer at

Senior Members: Contact Maj Hamill at the email above or at 707-953-4006

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2-4 May

Chino Air Show - Chino Airport

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3-4 May

Thunder Over Solano - Travis AFB

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3-4 May

DRE/SAREX - Oakland - Group 2

Group 2 is conducting a two day DRE/SAREX (Disaster Relief Exercise/Search and Rescue Exercise) at Squadron 188's facilities at the Oakland Airport / North Field.  The DRE/SAREX will run a fully staffed base and training will include realistic scenarios for Base Staff, Aircrews, Ground and UDF Teams. Cadets are encouraged to participate in Base Staff, Ground Team and UDF training. Special emphasis is being placed on Airborne Photography training.  Participants are asked to register for the DRE/SAREX as soon as possible but no later than 25 Apr 2014.

Base Staff, Aircrew Trainers/Mentor Pilots and UDF Team Leaders are needed and are requested to also contact us as soon as possible.

We are requesting that members plan to attend the full two days in order to complete the maximum number of Specialty Qualification Training Records (SQTR) tasks. In addition to aircrew training, there is the need for trainees to cross-train in Base Staff, and UDF positions.  We will not be conducting any SQTR Familiarization and Preparatory Training.  Consequently, you MUST already have trainee status to participate in the DRE/SAREX. We request that you start your ES training now, so as to have trainee status and some advanced tasks signed off, prior to the DRE/SAREX.

This is a great opportunity for Base Staff, Aircrew and UDF Teams to complete Advanced Training SQTR tasks.

We have a web site where members can register for the SAREX, review items to bring, get directions, and download key DRE/SAREX documents.

Go to: and click on the DRE Registration link to sign up.  I have spoken to many of you informally about your participation in this exercise, but please sign up with the website as well.

Let's ensure that this SAREX is Safe, Fun and Educational.

Jordan Hayes, 1Lt CAP
2014 Group 2 / Oakland DRE Project Officer

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16-18 May

Encampment Staff Selection Exercise (SSX) - Camp San Luis Obispo

1. Cadet Cadre applications for CAWG Encampment are now being accepted. The Staff Selection Exercise will be held at Camp San Luis Obispo on 16-18 May 2014. If you have successfully completed a basic encampment and have a desire to serve The Cadet Training Group, you are eligible to apply for a Cadet Cadre position. Follow the provided directions to complete the application process.

2. Register for SSX on the Encampment website, Follow the link to "SSX Registration." Upload your SIGNED CAPF31, CAPF160 and CAPF161; and follow the online instructions to submit payment ($25.00). You will also be asked to submit a cover letter and resume through the online registration process. Upon receiving confirmation that your signed forms have been submitted, you will not be required to hand-carry them to the event (other than the CAPF161 that you must have on you at all times). Cadets who fail to complete the online application process or coordinate alternative submission methods will be denied admittance to the Staff Selection Exercise, and will not be considered for an Encampment Cadre position.


4. Being prepared for encampment lies in the preparation you start today. I encourage you to prepare not for SSX, but for encampment; that is the objective. Our goal at SSX is to select the cadets most qualified to implement our training objectives. The areas of evaluation will include, but are not limited to:
a. Personal Review Board
b. Six-Step Teaching Method
c. Drill of the Flight
d. Uniform Wear
e. Encampment Skills (Training and Support)

f. Regulation and Manual Knowledge, emphasis on CAPM 39-1, AFMAN 36-2203, CAPR 52-16 (Chapter 9), and CAWG Encampment Standard Operating Procedures

5. All cadets are highly encouraged to attend SSX in-person, those unable to be present for the evaluation must make prior arrangements with the encampment staff, and will be expected to complete supplemental application procedures.

6. Cadet Cadre (Staff) Positions that are open for application are:
a. ATF Assistant Commander
b. Flight Commander
c. Flight Sergeant
d. First Sergeant
e. Director of Mess
f. Mess Officers/NCOs
g. Director of Public Affairs
h. Public Affairs Officers/NCOs
i. Director of Logistics
j. Logistics Officers/NCOs
k. Administration Officers/NCOs
l. Headquarters Staff (NCOs/Officers)

7. If you have any questions in regard to the application process, contact The Cadet Training Group
Executive Officer, C/1st Lt Jagger Osseck, at

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23-26 May

Senior Non-Commissioned Officers School - Vandenberg AFB

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13-15 Jun

ROCstock XXXIX - Lucerne Dry Lake Bed (Victorville)


Rockets of Every Size Welcome • M-Powered & Hybrid Flights • Dozens of Rods and Rails! • Night Flying Friday & Saturday • Fly for the whole weekend! • Free Spectating • Free Camping (Fires Above Ground) • Awesome Raffles • Toilet Facilities Provided • Bring your own food and water.

From "A" engines to "M" clusters, from missiles to flying basketballs, it's RocStock! A free and fun weekend where you can shoot your own model rockets or watch the "big guys and gals" shoot rockets that go supersonic and can exceed 10,000 feet in altitude! Night launches and rocket drag races, too!

Everyone is invited -- it's a great family event. CAP membership is not required and it's FREE for spectators. Don't miss it!

Contact Lt Col Ken Hartwell at for more information about CAP participation at this activity..

Other useful information
Gumby's Space Adventure (leaves this site and links to YouTube)

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2-9 Jul

CAWG Cadet Encampment - Camp San Luis Obispo

The 2014 California Wing Encampment will be held at Camp San Luis Obispo from 2 through 9 July 2014. For all Encampment information please go to

Peggy Myrick, Lt Col, CAP
Encampment Commander, CAWG


Great fun and hard work. Learn about the Cadet Program while assisting the 2014 California Wing Cadet Encampment

Positions Available:
Safety Officer
Administrative Officer
Public Affairs Officer
Logistics Officer
Transportation Officer
Health Service Officers
Training Officers

Assistant Training Officers
(a great position for the first-time attendee)

Contact Lt Col Grace Edinboro at for application procedures and more information.

Dining Hall Staff
(The hardest work you will ever love)

Help prepare and serve 900-plus fresh gourmet meals a day in the charming dining facilities on base. Learn to make epicurean delicacies such as Beef Burgundy and the famous "Encampment Red Stuff." Some cooking experience is desired.

Contact Lt Col Christine Lee at for more information

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25-27 Jul - Save the Date!

Non-Commissioned Officers School - Central CA (Location TBA

Prospective students, cadet staff, and seniors:  Save the Date!  Details will follow.

NCOS needs dedicated, reliable members to fill the following positions at this time:

  • Project Officer
  • Cadet Commander
  • Cadet Executive Officer

Interested personnel should contact Capt Jeff Buentgen at for further details

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8-10 Aug - Save the Date!

Ultimate Bear and Wings Challenge - Vandenberg AFB

CAWG Cadet Programs Directorate announces

4th Annual 

Prospective Teams, cadet staff, and seniors:  Save the Date! Details will follow

UBWC needs dedicated, reliable members to fill the following positions at this time:

  • Cadet Commander / Project Officer
  • Cadet Head Event Coordinator

Interested personnel should contact Maj Rene McCoy ( for further details

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If you're applying to attend any CAP activities, please be sure you're using a CAPF31

Checks for CAWG activities should be made payable to "Civil Air Patrol."

Unless otherwise noted, all applications are to be mailed to:
California Wing Cadet Programs
<Name of Activity>

PO BOX 7688
Van Nuys CA 91409-7688