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Email Address - GSAR Email address for all questions regarding Ground Search and Rescue.
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Email Address - ATS Email address for requesting materials for a Airman Training School
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Group Cadet Program Officers

Group 1 - Lt Col Kenneth Hartwell Group 4 - Lt Col Brian Luce Group 7 - Maj Matt Johnson
Group 2 - Lt Col Jerry D Horne Group 5 - 1Lt Carol Trimble  
Group 3 - Lt Col Phil Hall Group 6 - Cpt Theresa Longley  

California Wing Cadet Program Officers


Marc Cohen, Lt Col
Director of Cadet Programs


Lieutenant Colonel Marc Cohen joined the North Hollywood Cadet Squadron 3 as a cadet in 1970.  He has served in several leadership positions including California Wing Director of Cadet Programs  (1990 to 1992), Cadet Program Officer of Los Angeles Group One for nine years, Squadron Commander of Squadrons 3 and 27, and Deputy Commander of Squadrons 63 and 45.

Colonel Cohen developed and implemented the first program in CAP focused on training senior members working in the cadet program.  In addition to being on staff at two National Staff Colleges, three Region Staff Colleges and a Region Chaplain Staff College, he has been director of Squadron Leadership Schools, Corporate Learning Courses and the first CAWG Commanders’ School.  He is a graduate of the USAF Squadron Officers’ School and USAF Air Command and Staff College.  Marc is also a rated CN Observer and Moral Leadership Officer.

Colonel Cohen has received the Gill Robb Wilson Award (#376), the Meritorious Service Medal and is a recipient of the Civil Air Patrol Silver Medal of Valor.

Marc is a Sales Executive for a major direct mail firm in the San Fernando Valley.  In his spare time, he is a Reserve Officer with the Los Angeles Police Department and is a NHTSA-Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician.



John Boyle, Major

Major Boyle joined CAP in 1977 as a member of Squadron 3 in Van Nuys.  During his cadet career, he has served on staff at NCOS, COBC, Encampment as the 18th CTS Commander, and Deputy CTG Commander (’82).  As a senior, John has served as CPC Project Officer, CWCAC Advisor, NCOS Commander, and Commandant of Cadets.  A few of Major Boyle’s awards include the Chaplain Loren Brown Award for Leadership (’92) and California Wing Senior Member of the year (’96).

Major Boyle is currently assigned as the Integrated Leadership Program Manager for the Cadet Section of California Wing.

He is currently a Fire Captain with the Los Angeles County Fire Department assigned to an Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) station.  In addition to his normal duties, John coordinates the specialized training that the USAR stations of the department receive and is an instructor in several rescue specialties.  He is also a team manager with the department’s FEMA USAR Task Force.

On his days off, Mr. Boyle enjoys music, travel, water sports, and going to the movies.


  • NCOS Commandant

Dan Niessen, Major


Captain Niessen joined the Civil Air Patrol in September 1980. 

Captain Niessen's road to serving the Cadet Section started with his initial membership in R.G. Fowler Cadet Squadron 114 . This was followed with initial encampment, and then later went on to serve at the 47th CTS Commander, COBC Commander, and Cadet Training Group Commander in 1989. After turning senior, he went on to serve as the commander for numerous NCOS's and Watsonville Air shows, Commandant of Cadets, as well as being a leadership officer for Squadron 86 in San Francisco. His last assignment was as Executive Officer for the 2000 Encampment. 

Captain Niessen attended the University of Oregon and received a degree in Political Science. He is also a COBC & SLS graduate. Captain Niessen currently works as a Legal Aide at the local county prosecutors office while studying for his juris doctorate. Outside of CAP, his personal interests often having him sailing on the San Francisco Bay. 

Captain Niessen's personal awards include the Excellence Service Award, Commanders Commendation Award (four awards), Cadet of the Year 1989, in addition to various service ribbons. 


Wayne Brown, Major


Major Brown has recently completed 22 years of continuous membership in CAP that began in 1978 as a Cadet in San Francisco Cadet Squadron 86. Completing the CAP cadet program with his General Carl A Spaatz Award (704), Major Brown credits the CAP Cadet Program as one of the most substantial influences in his life. His cadet career included assignments as Commander, The Cadet Training Group in 1983 and in 1984, Chairman of the CWCAC, participation IACE (Sweden), and PJOC. As a Senior, Major Brown has served as project officer for CPC several times and helped to develop the Cadet programs Website.

Outside of CAP, Mr. Brown completed ten years of service and three federal activations with the California Army National Guard with assignments as a Military Police Company Commander, and as a Battalion Logistics Officer while deployed to Saudi Arabia for Operation Desert Storm. Attaining the rank of Captain, Mr. Brown was awarded the Bronze Star and the Meritorious Service Medal.

Currently, Mr. Brown is a Senior Program Manager working in the computer industry and lives in San Jose, Ca with his wife (Encampment Nurse Paige Brown) and his two boys.


  • Encampment COC

Lani Cahill, Capt


Captain Cahill joined Civil Air Patrol in 1987 as a cadet in California Wing. Most of her squadron level experience was in San Diego, where she served as cadet commander of Squadron 55. As a cadet, Lt Cahill held encampment positions which included flight sergeant, flight commander and commander of the 61st CTS. She was also an assistant Tactical Officer in 1991. Lt Cahill also attended NCOA, PRCLS and COBC (both as a student and staff.), PJOC, APJOC, IACE (Great Britain 1992), and participated as a member of the 1991/1992 Pacific Region Drill Team. 

Captain Cahill became active as a Senior Member in 1995. Since that time she has participated in five encampments as Tactical Staff and also assisted with staffing NCOS’s, COBC, and Wing level air shows. In 1997 she attended IACE as the escort to Switzerland.

Mrs. Cahill graduated UC Riverside in 1994 with a BA in Psychology and is currently in a Master’s of Social Work program at San Jose State University. Mrs. Cahill has spent five years working for Child Protective Service Agencies throughout California. Her husband keeps himself busy as a Reserve Police Officer while she spends her free time with Civil Air Patrol.


Jim Jenkins, Lt Col


Lt Col Jim Jenkins joined CAP as a Cadet in 1962 and received his Mitchell in 1965.  One of our highest decorated officers, Lt Col Jenkins has received the Exceptional Service Award, Commanders Commendation, Lifesaving Award w/ silver star, Garber Award, Red Service Ribbon (35 yrs.), Search "Find" Ribbon w/ silver clasp & 2 bronze clasps (all distress finds), Air Search and Rescue Ribbon, IACE Ribbon, Encampment Ribbon (20 encampments) and Aeronautical Rating: CAP Observer.  He has held various positions including Director of Cadet Programs, Squadron Commander, Deputy Group Commander, CAWG Ground Ops Officer and Cadet Programs Officer.  He attended IACE in 1978 as a Escort to New Zealand.  He is also a National Staff College Graduate, Senior Ground Team Leader and is ES rated as a Ground Team Leader and Mission Observer.

Mr. Jenkins is a Physician Assistant and is currently involved in disaster medical operations planning for Riverside County where he has been employed for over 21 years.


Bernard Wilson, Maj


Major Wilson joined CAP in 1967. As a California Wing cadet, he chaired CWCAC, attended IACE (New Zealand and Korea) and earned his CAP pilot rating. Senior service includes assignments as Squadron Commander, Wing Cadet Program Officer, Encampment Tactical Officer, Commandant of Cadets and Encampment Commander. He is a recipient of the Ira C. Eaker Award and the Meritorious Service Medal.

As Chief of Police for Los Angeles World Airports, he commands a staff of nearly 700 police officers and support employees. Chief Wilson is an instructor in Aviation Terrorism and Crisis Management.

Major Wilson's hobbies include travel, reading, genealogy and camping. He is married with three children and lives in Granada Hills, California.


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